Baking equipment

The Fiji Times » Bakery receives $17,000 worth of baking equipment

A bakery in Labasa will be able to expand its operations and employ more people after receiving over $17,000 worth of bakery equipment from the government.

Vunivau bakery owner Hirdesh Gupt said he would be able to improve his service with the new equipment.

“This equipment will help me and my family to get more income and will also help our community and the establishment,” he said.

“I thank the government for helping me.”

The Minister of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management, Inia Seruiratu, ordered the extension of the bakery and handed over an oven, mixer and trays.

This was part of the income-generating project funded under the ministry’s self-help program.

He said the project aims to improve and strengthen the income generating capacity of the people, provide better services to the local communities and of course provide employment to the local community.

The Vunivau Bakery provides daily bread to neighboring communities and other communities as far as Dreketi and Nabouwalu.

Created in 2015, the bakery employs two people from the Vunivau community in Bua.

Along with the provision of additional equipment, Mr Gupt said it would also mean increased revenue and productivity.