‘The Great British Baking Show’ descends into chaos over missing food mystery

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It is clear that in this season of The great British pastry fair, the technical challenge is cursed. After terrible tacos, totally misinterpreted s’mores and a crazy lemon meringue pie challenge, this week’s challenge involves a whole mystery. One of Janusz’s spring rolls completely disappears before he can deliver his cake to the judges, and fans need answers: Where did the spring roll go?

Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Britain’s Greatest Baking Fair“Pastry Week”.

Janusz still gets second place in the technical challenge, and he’s finally safe in this week’s challenge, advancing to next week’s semifinals. But the judges asked for eight spring rolls. He only delivers seven, leaving him in second place behind Sandro.

As the judges point out Janusz’s mistake, he begins to panic. He whispers to Syabira that he has placed eight spring rolls on the plate. When the judges finally announce him as the second place winner, he attempts to explain what could have happened.

“Eight fried, seven ended up on the plate, I don’t know what happened,” he says. “Truly!”

Then come the accusations. Christmas demands answers. “Who ate Janusz’s spring roll?” he asks as the bakers burst out laughing.

“Probably me,” admits Janusz. OK, so, case closed, right? Janusz ate his own spring roll before he could deliver eight of the pieces to the judges. Still, Britain’s Greatest Baking Fair viewers can’t get past this riddle, and they’ve taken to Twitter to try to figure out what exactly happened to the eighth spring roll.

“If only there was a room full of cameras rolling to figure out what happened to that missing spring roll…” smart fan suggested.

Even the official GBBS Twitter joined in the fun by sharing a missing fake poster for the Lost Spring Roll. “Have you seen the Janusz spring roll? the poster reads. “Last seen: In the cooking tent (or possibly in Janusz’s mind).”

In the wake of the wild goose hunt, the baker took it upon himself to answer a few questions in a video posted to his new TikTok account (which, by the way, is hilarious).

“People of Britain: Following the recent events that took place in the tent last night, I stand before you as an honest man to discuss the missing spring roll,” Janusz said. ” I do not know what happened ! I certainly made eight spring rolls, but clearly only seven were fried. Sources say Prue thought they looked so good she may have eaten some raw.

Possible explanations include: Prue ate a raw spring roll; Janusz ate a cooked one; or Janusz never put the eighth in the fryer. The latter seems the most likely, but we’ll never know for sure! (Unless The great British pastry fair want to review the unseen footage and tell us the truth.)

Despite the drama, Janusz advances to the semi-finals with Abdul, Sandro and Syabira, who received the star baker award in this week’s challenge for the third consecutive time! In the end, Maxy is sent home – her clusters will be missed.

As for Janusz, maybe while baking next week, he’ll find the missing nem in the bottom of his oven.

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