“The Great British Baking Show” Recap: Season 13, Episode 7 “Custard Week”

This week on The great British pastry fair, the six remaining bakers take part in “Custard Week”. They will need to complete three custard-themed challenges to compete for the Star Baker title and avoid being eliminated from the competition.

Signature Challenge

For the Signature Challenge, bakers were asked to make eight floating island desserts. They had an hour and a half to make their islands, which were to consist of poached meringues floating on custard.

Syabira has created mojito-themed floating islands. Her meringues were coated in mint sand crumble and her pastry cream was flavored with lime zest. The judges thought her design was clever and looked pretty cool, but the meringue looked a bit like breaded chicken. Her meringues were perfectly poached and her flavors were delicious and fresh, which contrasted with the custard and meringue.

The great British pastry fair

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Janusz made vanilla latte floating islands. Her meringues floated on coffee and vanilla custard and were topped with marmalade flavored cookies. They were served in little glass cups, and he managed to shape his meringues into little swirls to sit on top, making them look like cream floating on top of coffee. Its design was very clever. The judges loved its textures and flavors, as its custard had the perfect amount of coffee.

Maxy made floating islands in Blueberry Lagoon. Her custard contained blueberry sauce and her meringues were topped with swirls of caramelized sugar, pistachios and glitter dust. The judges loved its flavor combination, with the acidity of the blueberries belying the sweetness of the meringue. However, they felt that her desserts were quite small and not generous enough. Her cream was also a little runny because she had grown impatient waiting for the cream to thicken.

Kevin made prosecco meringues floating in rose custard topped with lychee and raspberry coulis. These were topped with a pink tuile biscuit. The judges loved its flavors, especially the lychee and prosecco. However, including the prosecco in the meringue broke it down slightly and caused it to flatten out. His coulis had also diluted the custard, although it was still very smooth.

Technical challenge

For the Technical Challenge, the bakers were asked to make six pistachio and praline ice cream cones using a recipe they had never seen before. They had to make waffle cones dipped in chocolate and nuts alongside pistachio and praline ice cream in just two hours and 45 minutes. The ice cream was made using a custard recipe as a base. The judges ranked the pastries from worst to best in a blind judging, not knowing which ice cream belonged to which baker.

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This challenge was a little different than usual, as there were staggered start and finish times. This was to ensure that the bakers’ ice creams were judged as soon as they were finished rather than having time to potentially melt. Sandro was left alone in the tent as he started first and looked terrified as the other bakers left.

One of the challenges of this baking was how to cool the custard base. It had to be cooled as quickly as possible to give the final ice cream the longest setting possible. However, since the custard was hot, it had to be put in the fridge to chill. Syabira and Janusz both put it in the freezer to cool it down as quickly as possible. This raised the temperature of their freezers above freezing, so when they put their ice cream in the freezer to harden later, it couldn’t.

This left Syabira in last place as her ice was completely liquid. His praline also lacked crispiness as it had been sitting in liquid. It has been described as a “pistachio soup”. Janusz came in fifth place because his ice cream, although not completely liquid, was still very soft and melted everywhere as soon as it came out of the freezer. Her praline was still good, though, and her ice cream tasted great.

Abdul came in fourth thanks to his waffle cones. He burned the first one and had to throw it away. He still managed to overcook the rest, making them brittle and a bit bitter. His ice cream was nice and smooth but melted very quickly. Kevin came in third and Maxy second.

Despite his fear of starting first, Sandro managed to clinch first place. His ice creams were attractive and he generously offered some to the judges. His cone was lovely and crispy, and he used great judgment filling his waffle cone with the spare chocolate. Judge Prue Leith commented that this prevented the ice cream from making the cone soggy. His ice cream was delicious and perfectly frozen. The judges couldn’t fault his ice cream.

Showstopper Challenge

For the Signature Challenge, the bakers were tasked with making a pastry cream cake. They had four hours to create their cake, which was to consist of multiple layers baked in a sandwich and backed by custard. They could use any flavor they wanted, but the custard had to be the star of the show.

Syabira made a pina colada inspired cake. There were alternating layers of coconut milk, rum-soaked sponges, pineapple, and lime custard. Her cake was coated in rum and coconut crème Legere and topped with pineapple flowers and pineapple pastries. It looked absolutely amazing, and the judges were impressed that she thought to coat her cake in custard as well. They were also amazed by the large amount of pastry cream she had in her dessert, yet it was still very stable. Her custard had an amazing texture and had great wobble without being rubbery. To top it off, its flavors were also spectacular.

Sandro also succeeded rather well in this challenge with the cake he made in tribute to a deceased friend. He managed to make an incredibly tall three-tiered cake, with each tier having different flavors. Its bottom tier was a coconut sponge with mango cream, the middle was a joconde sponge with coffee cream, and the top was an orange sponge with vanilla cream. The judges were a bit skeptical when he said he was going to microwave his creams. However, it seemed to work most of the time. The judges loved its decorations and flavors, especially the coconut and mango, calling it a “triumph.” Unfortunately, his coffee cream was slimy and dry.

Janusz made a Neapolitan-inspired cake. Her biszkopt sponges were dipped in limoncello and tea and were sandwiched with dark chocolate and raspberry cream, strawberry and ruby ​​chocolate cream, and white chocolate and vanilla cream. It was covered in condensed milk buttercream and decorated with what is becoming Janusz’s signature white chocolate coulis. It looked colorful and impressive, and the judges liked the amount of custard he used. Her sponges were good, but all of her creams were dense and sticky. The judges also didn’t like its flavors, with judge Paul Hollywood saying it was like wallpaper paste.

Kevin also struggled with this challenge. He was very ambitious in producing a dessert that was mostly custard. Her cake consisted of a dacquoise base topped with honey, thyme and bay leaf custard, and raspberry jelly. This was then topped with sliced ​​nectarines and raspberries, bay leaves, prosecco-infused macaroons and Swiss meringue buttercream swirls. He had planned for it to be three-tiered, but unfortunately his cream didn’t set completely. He supported his bleachers with pegs, but they kept moving in the custard. There was a very tense moment when it looked like its top two levels were going to collapse and destroy the bottom. This meant he had to present the bottom layer separately. The judges could see that her custard wasn’t as sturdy as it should have been, as it had fallen and bent under the weight of the decoration. However, they loved the flavor of her custard. Prue said he had come up with something wonderful and she was going to do it herself.


This week, Sandro and Syabira were in very tight competition for Star Baker. Syabira just managed to clinch the title thanks to her spectacular Showstopper. Although she came last in technique, she came first in signature and showstopper.

Although the judges mentioned that Janusz was in danger this week, it was pretty clear that Kevin would be eliminated. Although he managed to do well in technique, his signature and Showstopper were disappointing, and he came up against some incredibly good bakers.

Best Bits from the Pastry Show

Here are some of my favorite no-bake moments from this week’s episode!

  • Sandro gives us “salt bae” vibes when asked to step away from his Signature baking.
  • Syabira, Janusz, and Maxy come to Kevin’s aid at the end of the Showstopper Challenge when he was struggling to finish in time.

Next week, bakers will participate in “Pastry Week”. Be sure to check it out on Netflix next Friday, then come back here for the latest recap!

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