Baking equipment

The recipe for success: the best baking equipment

Coronavirus shutdowns have spawned a trend that has added a welcome slice of comfort to the lives of countless people.

Like Reuters Britain reported in April was the hotbed of a ‘baking frenzy’, with online recipe searches reaching historic highs and flour stocks low.

Not everyone will enter the tent as a pretender to The Great British Cake, but we can all make delicious breads, cakes and treats in our own kitchens using a few key pieces from the kit.

Here we select some of the best bakery equipment on the market …

InnoGear 32 Piece Cake Piping Nozzle Tip Kit

This extensive collection of cake tips is a great value buy to help take your cake decorating to the next level. Perfect for techniques ranging from writing names to frosting on zigzags, stars and more, the 32 nozzles come with a special case for tidy storage.

£ 7.99;

KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM125BLT Stand Mixer

Loved by seasoned bakers, this stand mixer is a versatile kit that includes a dough hook for kneading, a whisk, and a flat mixer for mixing heavy ingredients. Smaller models are also available.

£ 349;

Salter Disc Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale

Cooking is a science of precision and these Salter scales will weigh your ingredients in exact grades in imperial and metric measurements. The “Add and Weigh” feature lets you measure multiple ingredients in the same bowl or pot, and the sleek design is compact, with an easy-to-clean stainless steel top.

£ 20;

Breville Hand Mixer with HeatSoft Technology VFM021

This smart new tool is like a hand blender and hair dryer combined. It blows hot air through the ingredients as you mix, which can reduce prep time if using cold butter.

£ 50;

Homemade Bread Dough Round Lifting Basket

When making bread, a breathable lifting basket to hold the dough while it rests will allow the outer skin to dry out, helping the bread to hold its shape and forming the base of the crust.

£ 11;