Cookie flavors

The weirdest and most disgusting Oreo cookie flavors available in grocery stores across America

Oreo, a classic American cookie, comes in several varieties. For more than 100 years, the biscuitis a staple on grocery store shelves. Today, Oreos remain a classic but the brand takes more risks with flavors. However, some of the flavor risks have yet to pay off. Ahead, see what yucky Oreo flavors are available at a grocery store near you.

glow in the dark

Glow in the dark is not necessary. | Amazon

Oreo pops out a glow-in-the-dark cookie around Halloween. While glow-in-the-dark Oreo cookies are fun, they’re not necessary. The packaging gives people the impression that the cookie tastes the same. So why buy the glow-in-the-dark version? The chances of someone eating Oreos in the dark are slim. After all, milk can spill. And no Oreo cookie lover wants that to happen.

Hint: A candy synonymous with movies is mixed with Oreos.

Swedish fish

Swedish Fish Oreo

It sounds awful and weird. | Basket of fresh bites

Sometimes two flavors should never mix. Take Swedish fish and Oreos. These are both known for their very specific flavor profiles. Mixing the two together creates a disgusting combination.

Tip: This Spicy Oreo is disgusting.

Hot and spicy cinnamon

Hot and Spicy Cinnamon Oreo

They arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day. | Target

For those looking for a spicy cookie, look no further. Get some Hot and Spicy Cinnamon Oreos at the grocery store. This is a limited edition, just in time for Valentine’s Day. We think “hot” and “spicy” are not words that should describe the taste of a cookie. Eat them at your own risk.

Tip: Nabisco tries to pair an autumnal flavor with an Oreo cookie.

candy corn

Oreo candy corn

Even those who like sweet corn won’t like them. | Amazon

Typically, people fall into one of two candy corn camps. There are those who love sweet corn and those who hate sweet corn. We guess candy corn lovers and haters alike will despise this flavor. Critics say the cookies have nothing to do with the real thing. The cookie “does not taste like candy corn”, an Amazon critical noted. Again, pursue this Oreo flavor with caution.

Hint: This limited edition flavor needs to go.

caramel apple

Caramel Apple Oreo

They have a rather coarse aftertaste apparently. | Amazon

Another flavor that Nabisco can do without is caramel apple flavored Oreos. They have a “bad aftertaste”, a critical noted. This is another limited edition flavor, most likely coming in the fall. We prefer to stick with caramel apple suckers or a traditional cider house apple covered in caramel.

Tip: A drink from childhood becomes an Oreo flavor.

fruit punch

Oreo fruit punch

Another strange preparation. | Amazon

As if limited-edition flavors couldn’t get any worse, Nabisco is launching Fruit Punch flavored Oreos. This concoction gets a total of three stars out of five among Amazon reviews. “These cookies taste like mixing the drink mix with the center of the cream, it’s disgusting and disgusting!” said one reviewer. We love drinking fruit punch and eating Oreos, but that doesn’t mean we want the flavors mixed.

Hint: A cookie meets a float and creates a disastrous cookie.