What is “small batch cooking” and how can you do it?

The idea of ​​wanting to do less of Cookies may sound crazy, but believe it or not, “small batch baking” is a trend taking over social media.

You can find the #SmallBatchBaking hashtag all over social media, as aspiring and accomplished bakers proudly show off homemade candy in quantities just enough to indulge themselves.

One such baker is author and retired pastry chef Nick Malgieri.

For Malgeiri, baking is a lifelong passion.

“My maternal grandmother lived with us, and she loved to cook, and my mom worked, so my early childhood was spent with her and cooking and cooking and cooking,” Malgieri told FOX 5 NY. “Pastry has a way of instilling a sense of well-being. I think not only do you see something beautiful that you’ve made, but it also tastes good.”

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While Malgieri has stopped working as a full-time pastry chef, he still teaches at the New York Cake Academy. He also fills his Instagram with photos of his delicious creations.

Malgieri says the secret to cooking for one or two instead of a crowd is in the math. If it’s not possible to split some recipes, he suggests making the whole serving and saving a few for later.