WHAT’S NEW WEDNESDAY: The teacher’s passion for baking turns into a stampede

Bradford resident Nicole Nugara moved to Bradford last year and opened Blue Rose Bakery, offering an assortment of freshly baked cookies

A passion for baking turned into a rush for Bradford teacher Nicole Nugara with her cookie company, Blue Rose Bakery.

Nugara informally started her baking business a few years ago when she was at university, but officially opened just over a year ago after moving from Thornhill to Bradford with her husband .

She and her husband married in 2020 and decided to make Bradford their permanent home after visiting family in the area several times and falling in love with its small-town atmosphere.

“It was really an easy choice, we naturally ended up here,” she said.

Although Nugara loves to cook, it’s not her full-time job. She works as an English teacher in York Region, but enjoys spending her evenings and weekends in the kitchen, baking delicious cookies for her family, friends and clients.

“I love baking and I love cookies, it’s something I do to make myself happy and other people happy,” she said.

Nugara has been baking for as long as she can remember, with growing influences including her mother, who regularly enjoyed baking at home, and cousins ​​who attended baking school.

“It’s something I’ve always lived and always done,” she said. “It’s always been my happy place. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I go into the kitchen and cook, it really helps me stay in the moment. More than that, I really enjoy cooking for other people. .it’s my love language and how i show people how much i care.

The name of his company, Blue Rose, refers to the piece “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams. In the story, a character’s nickname is “Blue Roses”, for their uniqueness and beauty in the world.

“And that’s what I think my cookies represent,” she said.

Blue Rose Bakery specializes exclusively in cookies. Nugara said she once tried her hand at cake making, but it was a lot to deal with.

“God bless anyone who bakes cakes, that just wasn’t my thing,” she laughed.

Instead, Nugara focuses on her cookies, her favorite dessert, which she really loves to make.

When asked what sets his company apart from the competition, Nugara said his products speak for themselves.

“I worked so hard on it…and did what I think is the best of all…it’s a substantial cookie, it’s thick, it’s chewy on the inside, it’s got this crispy outside,” she said. . “Once you have a cookie in your hands, you know what will make it stand out.”

Bluerose Bakery offers a standard BFF menu all year round, which stands for “Best Flavors Forever”.

“These are your classic cookies, the ones you find in your mom’s kitchen, the classic comfort cookies,” she explained. Flavors include Classic Chips, Oatmeal Chips, Peanut Butter Chips, and Triple Chocolate.

The bakery also offers a rotating menu throughout the year, with two or three star flavors each season.

Some of the recent flavors offered at Christmas included gingerbread, tie-dye sugar cookies, and chocolate enriched orange.

Their Valentine’s Day menu will feature Red Velvet, Pink, White, and Red, as well as Chocolate Merlot.

Most of Nugara’s customers come from the Bradford and York area. Her husband works from home and often helps her with deliveries during her lunch break.

“He’s really saved me many times when people have these last minute orders,” she said. “I am grateful to have help because I am very busy with my daily work.”

She says opening her bakery during a pandemic has been good for her business because it’s delivery-based.

“People don’t leave their homes as much to pick up their desserts,” she said, noting her contactless delivery of dropping treats right at the door.

She hopes that once the pandemic subsides, she will be able to interact a little more with her customers.

“We’ve moved to a no-contact approach, which doesn’t leave me much time to meet people who support my business, but hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to do so again soon,” he said. she declared.

To learn more about the bakery, visit their website here.