Which is better for cooking: glass or metal?

Understanding the different properties of the two options is the first step. Glass does not conduct heat as well as metal; it’s an insulator, which means that once it heats up in the oven, it’ll stay hot longer when you take it out compared to metal (via The Kitchn). It can also result in a perfectly cooked interior but an overcooked exterior, notes Bon Appetit. So if you’re using glass, lower your oven temperature by 25 degrees (according to Better Homes & Gardens).

There are times when glass dishes are ideal, like when baking a pie. Being able to see the sides of what you’re cooking before it’s done can be helpful. Erin McDowell, author of “The Book on Pie,” told Bon Appetit, “Being able to ‘check’ this bottom crust can be very helpful for those who are just starting out, familiarizing themselves with visual cues. “

And McDowell isn’t the only one. Southern Living Editor-in-Chief Patricia York said: “The design of the glass makes it easy to see the degree of browning and / or bubbling in the oven. “

Glass is also better if you cook something with acid, like berries and citrus fruits, as it won’t react to acid the same way as metal (per Food Network). So choose the glass for cobblers and fruit pies for sure.