White Violet will host a sourdough bread making workshop | Faith

The White Violet Center for Eco-Justice in St. Mary-of-the-Woods will host a virtual sourdough bread baking workshop on February 24.

The virtual workshop will take place from 6-8 p.m. on Zoom and will be hosted by Candace Minster.

Attendees will learn various basics of baking bread, tips and tricks for creating and maintaining sourdough starters, and ideas on how to incorporate sourdough into a variety of other baked goods.

Minster said sourdough breads are much easier to make than most people think.

“Sourdough breads are created with a living culture, also known as starter, which harbors millions of bacteria and yeasts that occur naturally in water, on flour, in the air, and even on our hands” , she said. “This live/sourdough culture is used to leaven bread in place of commercial dry or active yeast. Both types of yeast – commercial and wild found in sourdough – will make bread rise, but they behave and taste differently from each other.

Instructions and starters will be discussed during the workshop.

“People can buy starters or make their own,” Minster said. “As long as a starter is well maintained, it can last indefinitely. There are bakeries that have kept their starters for hundreds of years.

The deadline for registration is February 16. The cost is $45 and includes instructional materials and a starter, which can be picked up at the White Violet Farm store or shipped to the participant’s home.

White Violet Center is a ministry of the Sisters of Providence. To register for the workshop, call 812-535-2932, visit, or email [email protected]