Why You Should Use a Sieve When Baking With Chocolate

While it’s easy to reach for chocolate chip bags for cookie recipes, there are benefits to using chopped chocolate instead. Martha Stewart shares that chopped chocolate contains more cocoa butter, which creates a more pleasant mouthfeel. There are also more varieties to choose from when buying chocolate bars instead of chocolate chips.

J. Kenji Lopéz-Alt also shares with Serious Eats that smaller chunks of chopped chocolate melt into the rest of the mixture, creating chocolate flavor all over and also altering the appearance with chocolate speckles and streaks. This may sound good to any chocolate lover; however, executive Ryan Schmidtberger points out in a Food & Wine article that there may be recipes where you don’t want the batter or mixture to be altered by those tiny chocolate chips. (For example, we imagine this would apply when you want white vanilla ice cream with chocolate chunks or a pale blondie with chocolate chunks instead of a dark brownie.)

Schmidtberger says sifting chopped chocolate through a mesh strainer lets out the smallest shards so only the big chunks remain. So what can you do with those leftover chocolate chunks? Sprinkle them on anything that tastes better with chocolate (so pretty much anything) like pancakes. They can also be used to make a rich cup of hot chocolate.