Halloween Baking Championship Season 8 Episode 5: Open Wound Cakes

Halloween Baking Championship season 8 was back on the Food Network with episode 5 and it might have been the grossest episode yet. These were flambéed desserts and cakes that looked a little too much like real wounds.

It all started with the Thriller Challenge. For this challenge, bakers had to choose a classic flambé dessert, then create their own Halloween-inspired dessert from those flavors. Flambé desserts include Jubilee Cherries, Flambé Apple Pie, Flambé Peach, Adoptive Bananas, Diablo Mangoes, Crêpes Suzette and Baked Alaska.

All the desserts looked delicious. Even the ones that didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to. But one was more creative, delicious and fun than the others and that was Zac with his spiced rum cake with flambé peach filling. He had a witch burned at the stake on his cake. It really couldn’t have been better.

Let’s move on to the Killer Challenge! If you have a weak stomach, this is not a challenge you want to watch. The bakers were tasked with making an open cake. Whether it was a cut on the arm, sewn lips, or a cake covered in different cuts, this challenge had cakes bleeding from their seams.

This week’s Halloween Baking Championship was the grossest yet

But there was a twist halfway through the challenge. After the bakers had already made some of their dessert, host John Henson told them that they needed to add some type of deli meat to their recipe. Ouch! Everything from pancetta to pepperoni to chorizo. It hasn’t been easy and it’s clear from some of the end results.

Leading the pack this week was Blayre. Her sewn-lip cake was way too realistic and, according to the judges, it tasted delicious.

And, unfortunately, someone had to be sent to the dreaded 13th floor and this week it was Lola. While her broken-nail cake looked pretty awful to me, the judges thought it looked a bit too cartoonish and said her buttercream was grainy.

Next week, the remaining bakers will have to make individual cakes that represent the legend of the twins of room 222, but they will have to make these cakes in teams of two. It’s sure to be scary.

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