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The easiest gluten-free shortbread cookie recipe ever

Consider this your guide to healthier cooking. Chef Mia Rigden and Jenny Dorsey team up to show you how to revamp some of your favorite baked goods to make them healthier and loaded with ingredients that are better for you, without skimping on flavor. See everything Coach Ted Lasso is known for many things: cheerful […]


Baking powder and baking soda are absolutely not the same ingredient

I was in elementary school in the early 2000s, which meant most of my Fridays were spent with Bill Nye, the scientist. He made this aspiring 10-year-old writer/artist/cooking show host care about science, or at least be science-curious. And even though I barely made it out of high school chemistry and eventually pursued the writing […]


The baking notification project wants to text your cake | Bites

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Great Sourdough Baking Experiment of 2020, it’s that you need friends and family who are willing and able to eat all those carbs you cook. Jessica and Brandon Morrison started The Baking Notification Project to solve this exact problem. Subscribe to BNP online at In the […]