Cookie flavors

Famous Amos launches 3 new cookie flavors

There’s a scene in the perfect romantic comedy Leap year where Amy Adams, a professional apartment organizer, highlights the importance of freshly baked cookies in any welcoming home. The Adams character hands a real estate agent a package of cookie dough with instructions and a promise, “Put them in the oven half an hour before open house, and you’ll have several offers before lunch.”

Even if you’re not a sophisticated director with a rather chaotic plan to fly to Ireland and propose to your boyfriend and then fall in love with a imperturbably charming Matthew Goode, you probably know the power of freshly baked cookies.

The same goes for Famous Amos, which blankets lower Manhattan in the smell of cookies to celebrate the launch of deliciously scented new products. The brand is launching new Wonders From the World cookies, which come in Belgian chocolate chips, Philippine coconut and white chocolate chips, and Mediterranean varieties of hazelnut and chocolate chips. New Yorkers will be able to follow a “scent map” of downtown, which will eventually lead to a cookie tasting experience at the Oculus.

If you’re not in New York to smell deliciously sweet cookies on the street, you can always pick up the scent at home. The new flavors are available in stores now and sell for $4.49 for a seven-ounce bag. Head to the Famous site of Amos to find out where you can get your own bag.